To Exist is yesterday’s game. To Matter is what counts.

Symbolic ID is a combination of social media and knowledge management platforms, in which discussions, studies, and other products of science that benefit the general public are prompted.

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Ketentuan-ketentuan Layanan dan Kebijakan Privasi

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Your note as personal thinking partner

If one “note” has one “idea”. Imagine...

You have plenty of it. Your second brain can easily collect, connect, retreive and create. From card by card, note to node, you make ideas move!

Knowledge Deck

“From notes, to anything”

Everything you imagine, started from a “note”. Connect and transform it into wiki, pitch, e-book, guide, framework, or anything you want! Have some topic to talk about or discuss? You can attach it to your “Mingle” and “Discuss”!


Chill! Just like playing social media!

Say “hi” to your echo chamber! Appreciate with “Like” and amplify with “Echo”.


A Space dubbed “The Ballroom of Knowledge”

Pseudonym space for mutual appreciation and public curation. Your “Voice” matter. Share and adopt what you want and everything you interested on.

step UP the game

Gaining Knowledge is the first step of wisdom,
Sharing it is the first step of humanity.

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